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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Financial support for renewable heat technologies

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a new Government environmental programme designed to increase the uptake of renewable heat technologies by providing incentive payments to eligible generators of renewable heat and producers of biomethane.

Eligible technologies and support levels

Tariff nameEligible technologyEligible sizesTariff rate(pence/kWh)
Small biomass Solid biomass; Municipal Less than Solid Waste (incl. Combined 200 kWth Heat and Power) Tier 1: 7.9
Tier 2: 2.0
Medium biomass   200 kWth to (but not including) 1,000 kWth Tier 1: 4.9
Tier 2: 2.0
Large biomass   1,000 kWth and above  1
Small heat pumps Ground-source heat pumps; Less than 100 kWth  4.5
Large heat pumps Water source heat pumps; 100 kWth and above  3.2
Solar thermal Solar thermal Less than 200 kWth  8.5
Biomethane Biomethane injection and Biomethane all scales    6.8


Participants must provide meter readings to enable us to calculate the amount of eligible heat generated, or eligible methane biomethane injected, each quarter.

Supporting documents you may need to provide:

  • bank details for payment
  • details about the plant exists (e.g. commissioning certificate/invoices of purchase)
  • certificate proving your meters meet the Class 2 Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) requirements
  • a clear schematic diagram of your heating system
  • an independent metering report (for complex installations over 45kW)

Who can get RHI payments:

1 a producer of biomethane

2 an owner of an installation which generates heat providing:

  • the applicant is the owner of the installation
  • the installation is of an eligible technology type and size(see table)
  • installation of the plant was completed and first commissioned on orafter 15 July 2009
  • the heat must be used for space, water or process heating
  •  the heat must be used in a building
  • the installation has not received, and will not receive, a grant frompublic funds.
  • the plant must be new at the time of installation
  • the heating system must use a liquid or steam to deliver heat
  • for installations of 45kWth and below, the equipment and installer must be certified under the MicroGeneration Certification Scheme(MCS) (or equivalent)

How to apply:

You should apply to Ofgem using our online system, accessible via the Ofgem RHI webpage. Paper application methods will be available for prospective participants who are unable to access the internet.

Apply at:

More details regarding the RHI and the Premium Payment Scheme can be found on the Energy Saving Trust Website, see links below:


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