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hybrid-roundThe Technology

Hybrids combine a heat pump and gas condensing boiler into one efficient renewable heating system using a smart combination of condensing boiler and air to water heatpump systems. This can deliver heating, cooling and domestic hot water to your home at a lower running cost than using fossil fuel technology alone.

Hybrids can connect to all types of heat emitters, including existing radiators and are suitable for heat loads up to 27kW.

How it Works

A hybrid system uses a heat pump plus a gas boiler. The outdoor system is the heat pump, and the indoor unit houses the gas boiler and the heat exchanger. The heat pump is set to heat the home until the outdoor temperature drops to a set level. Once below the set outdoor temperature, the system switches to gas heating.

The controller monitors the external temperature and switches between the two fuel sources seamlessly – much like a hybrid vehicle. The controller is also used by our commissioning engineer to configure the system for maximum efficiency.


Hybrid systems generally tend to rely on a mains gas connection although an LPG option is now available.. Possible planning permission or permitted development may be required for an air source unit. Additionally you will need to consider the space required to house an air source unit outside your home.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Hybrid system qualifies for the RHI although additional metering may be required. Please contact us for details.


Renewable energy funding may be available for small or large projects, whether domestic or commercial depending on various factors of eligibility. If you are thinking of investing in renewable energy systems for your home or business, you can find out more about eligibility at: