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Feedback and Complaints Procedure


In order to help ensure that customers’ complaints are dealt with effectively, professionally and reviewed in order to prevent the complaint from recurring.


To cover all areas where we come into contact with, or carry out work for, prospective or existing customers. Revision Revision Date:  01/06/2018

Amendments Made:  Version Control Introduced

Revision Date:  11/01/2019

Amendments Made:  RECC mediation and independent arbitration service information updated in-line with sections 9.1 and 9.2. How to access this service updated.



Note: It is a requirement of the RECC that we inform the domestic customer of our complaints procedure which must remain in compliance with Section 9 of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.


When we receive a Customer Complaint an F11 – Customer Complaint Form shall be completed.


This will be passed to the MCS Nominee who should ensure that the details of the complaint have been entered on the R06 – Customer Complaint Record.


The allowed time for this complaint to be resolved will be established, and will, in relation to complaints received from domestic customers, conform to the RECC.


The process will include the following:

  • F11 – Customer Complaint Form raised and passed to relevant person;

  • Details of the complaint shall be transferred to the R06 – Customer Complaint Record;

  • The domestic customer may use a consumer representative or observer to help deal with the complaint. Where this is the case the RECC requires that we must co-operate fully with this person;

  • The person dealing with the complaint will consider the details of the complaint and report the findings clearly to the customer within 7 working days of receiving the complaint;

  • Where appropriate we will arrange to inspect the customer’s system within seven days of receiving the complaint and within twenty four hours of receiving the complaint where a domestic customer is without heating or hot water as a result of the situation that has led to the complaint;

  • The person dealing with the complaint will attempt to find an agreed course of action to resolve the complaint speedily and effectively to the customer’s satisfaction;

  • Where the timescales for any agreed actions cannot be met, the customer shall be kept fully informed of the reasons for the delay and new timescales agreed;

  • Where we not be able to resolve any complaints received from domestic customers the customer shall be informed that they should direct their complaint to the RECC administrator;

  • Where a complaint is referred to the RECC administrator we are required to co-operate with any mediation being carried out between ourselves and the customer;

  • In the event that the complaint cannot be resolved with the assistance of the RECC administrator’s complaint handlers either ourselves or the customer may request to use the mediation and independent arbitration services set out in sections P18 Customer Complaint Procedure 9.1 and 9.2 of the RECC. We will direct the customer to the RECC dispute resolution process which can be accessed via the RECC website, consumers tab then the ‘How to Complain’ section of the RECC website.

  • Full details on the progress and outcome of the complaint should be detailed on the R06 – Customer Complaint Record;

  • Any required corrective or preventive actions should be transferred to the R02 – Corrective and Preventive Action Record;

  • The details of the complaint and the outcomes will be reviewed during the next Internal Review Meeting.


Green Deal Complaints

Where Green Deal work is involved, we are required to inform the Green Deal Provider of any complaints or findings that arise from the installation. This shall include details of any customer issues that the GDP may be required to resolve or information that may impact other contractors carrying out the installation of other energy efficient measures.


P18 Customer Complaint Procedure Rev 6 11/01/2019

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