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Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

There are five eligible low-carbon technology types for the SEG.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) enables Generators to receive payments from electricity suppliers for electricity which they export back to the National Grid, providing certain criteria are met.


Which technologies are eligible for the SEG?

There are five eligible low-carbon technology types for the SEG. If you have one of these installed, you may be able to benefit from the SEG:

  • Solar photovoltaic (solar PV)

  • Wind

  • Micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP)

  • Hydro

  • Anaerobic digestion (AD)


These installations must be located in Great Britain and have a total installed capacity (TIC) of no more than 5MW, or no more than 50kW for Micro-CHP.


Further details on the SEG and its eligibility requirements, including how to apply, can be found below in the SEG: Guidance for Generators.

How do I apply and what will I receive?

All Generators who wish to receive payment for the electricity which they export back to the National Grid will need to apply to a SEG Licensee (an electricity supplier which offers a SEG tariff). SEG Licensees must offer a SEG tariff to all eligible Generators.

Each SEG Licensee will have details of their specific application process on their website. Details of SEG payments (including amount due and contract length) will be determined by your chosen SEG Licensee. Any SEG tariff offered must always remain above zero. Generators are also entitled to payments based upon actual meter readings, even if some suppliers offer deals with alternative payment models.

Please note that you can apply for a SEG tariff with any SEG Licensee – your SEG Licensee does not need to be the same company as your current energy supplier. You can choose to use separate companies for your SEG payments, electricity supply, and your gas supply if you wish.

Generators are encouraged to shop around to find the best SEG tariff for them. To see the current list of SEG Licensees, please click here.

Please note the information provided on this page has been sourced from (Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) - Generators | Ofgem) and may be subject to change.  Please check the original source document for the latest updates. 

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