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National Grid: UK's first transmission connected solar farm is now live

The first Solar PV Array to be connect directly to the electricity transmission network in the UK went live this week as National Grid connected the new Larks Green solar farm to its Iron Acton substation near Bristol.

The solar plant comprises 152,400 solar modules installed in a 200-acre plot near National Grid's 400kV Iron Acton substation.

The solar farm will be co-located with a 49.5MW / 99MWh battery energy storage system (BESS). By storing energy during peak power generation and exporting it back onto the grid when demand is high, the BESS will balance the intermittent energy production, maximise the site's efficiency and allow a greater output of clean energy.

It will generate over 73,000MWh annually – enough to power the equivalent of over 17,300 homes – and will displace 20,500 tons of CO2 each year compared to traditional energy production. This will provide a clean, secure, and cheaper power source for consumers. Press release/Media enquiries contact: National Grid: Ben Davis, 07971539999

Please note the information provided on this page has been sourced from (National Grid). Please check the original source for the latest updates and more information.

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