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Solar PV Scam Phone Calls

It is around this time of year that we start receiving calls from our customers who have received scam phone calls regarding their Solar PV installation.

The purpose of a scam call is usually to create a sense of unease or concern regarding:

  • Health Checks for your Solar PV System.

  • Warranty having expired for your Solar PV System.

  • Servicing that is required for your Solar PV System.

The company who is calling will usually be very reluctant to provide you with any of their company details such as a telephone number or email address. The tactic will usually be to commit you to booking an appointment with a representative, usually in "the next few days" creating a sense of urgency around the unease they have created.

Health Checks for Solar Panels

We can reassure you that generic health checks are not required for your Solar PV System and if you system is faltering in any way, you will know, and this is a good time to contact your installer for guidance.

Solar PV systems require very little maintenance. The panels need to be kept relatively clean (in most cases they are self-cleaning) and free from shading.

Visual Inspections for Solar PV

If from the ground, you reconise any visible obstruction of your panels (i.e. excessive moss/leaf/debris ) or should your Inverter readings vary excessively from what you have grown accustom to, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to guide you with the best course of action for your particular concern.

A visual maintenance inspection should include the following:

· Collector glazing is reasonably clean and undamaged.

· Where visible, absorber paintwork or coating is sound.

· The roof fixings are firm and the roof covering satisfactory by visual inspection.

· Electrical controls and temperature sensors are operating sensibly.

· All safety and information labels are in place.

· The wiring and electrical components of the system are in good working order.

Expired Warranty for Solar PV

The Warranty for Panels and Inverters can vary depending on the manufacturer, but if your installation is out of warranty, and is not faltering, you have no reason for concern.

Servicing your Solar PV System

Servicing is not required for Solar Panels. A simple visual inspesction is all that is needed to ensure that you are happy with your generation being consistent and that your panels have not become excessively shaded or obstructed.

Solar PV as with all renewable technology is designed for longevity and should provide many years of trouble-free service.

If you ever think that you are being scammed, please do not provide any personal details and contact your Solar PV installer for advice. We will be able to discuss your installation with you, check the manufacturers warranties for you and if we feel that a site visit is necessary, we will arrange for either one of our engineers or an engineer from our partner company HPSL to contact you.


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