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mySolarEdge App - Connecting inverter to view system status

Connect your mobile phone directly to your inverter to view the production status of your SolarEdge system, even if you are not connected to the Monitoring Platform

With mySolarEdge you can easily check your solar edge inverter status. This option is supported by set app enabled inverters only. If your inverter has an LCD screen use its control buttons instead.

First open your mySolarEdge app and log in.

Open the menu and tap inverter status.

Next scan the inverter QR code.

This code can be found on the QR code sticker located on one of the sides of the inverter. If you are connecting to the inverter used last, tap continue with last scanned QR code instead of rescanning the same code. If you cannot scan the QR code, you can type the inverter connection details manually by tapping the link at the bottom.

Move the inverter red on off P switch to P position and release within 2 seconds.

Here we can see information on the inverters production, if a consumption meter is installed and the status of the inverter communication with solar edge monitoring service. Tap test for checking communication to SolarEdge server. If additional information or support is requested by your installer, use the advanced installer view options.

For more information on how to use the mySolarEdge app go to the mySolarEdge playlist on the mysolarSolar Edge You Tube Channel.

Thank you.

(Transcript from mySolarEdge App You Tube Viedo)

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