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UK hits major clean energy milestone

One trillion kWh of electricity generated from renewable electricity!

New low carbon intensity record and April's generation figures

In April, 46% of electricity came from zero carbon sources, peaking at 80% on 10 April at 2pm. Thanks to high levels of wind and solar generation, we achieved a new low carbon intensity record of 33g/kWh on 10 April, a great low carbon day.

Gas was our largest source of fuel, with 34.4% of electricity being generated by gas. Wind was our second largest power source, attributing for 24.6% of generation last month.

Just 0.1% of generation came from coal in April. This is a great step towards our goal of operating a net zero energy system as coal accounted for 2% of our monthly mix in April 2018.

As the summer months approach, our ability to utilise renewable sources of generation improves. We achieved 461 consecutive coal free hours in April, a positive increase compared to 213 consecutive hours in March.

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Craig Dyke Head of National Control

Find out about Great Britain's electricity generation and how much came from sources such as wind, solar and biomass in our monthly snapshot.

Please note the information provided on this page has been sourced from (National Grid ESO: Great Britain's monthly electricity stats | ESO ( Please check the original source for the latest updates and more information.

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